How to Increase Car security for Drivers in Oakland, CA?

There are endless ways to increase car security, other than relying on the regular automatic locked doors and windows already in place in the vehicle. This is because the type of security these vehicle doors and windows affords still depends on the vehicle’s brand, make, and model. If a car model is old or a recently-bought car is pre-loved, it is always better to err on the side of caution and avail of more stringent car security systems—simply remember the most basic tricks in the book which we at Multi-Tech Locksmith will now refresh your memory with the aid of these following tips.

    1. Install an alarm system in your vehicle

      Alarm systems are not just for homes and businesses now; more often than not, robbers and scam artists take advantage of older car models that no longer have functioning alarm systems. The best way to deter them is by installing an alarm system that will make so much noise anyone in the immediate vicinity will be alerted.

    2. Have a GPS or car tracking system installed

Most drivers rely on the GPS on their phones or navigation systems in their cars to find their way around Oakland, but a tracking device or GPS system attached to the car is also a good way to prevent the car from being stolen. And in the event the car does get taken away, it will be easier to find with the help of a tracking device or GPS. Smartphones are a good help for this tip as a tracking app installed on the smartphone will help find the car more quickly and efficiently.

  1. Make sure valuables are hidden if you have no choice but to leave them inside the vehicle

    As a general rule, you should never leave valuables inside your car! They’re tempting to robbers especially when your car isn’t heavily tinted or has no tint at all. But when you absolutely have to, leave them in the glove compartment or stow something else on top of them such as a pillow or pieces of clothing.

  2. Last but not least, don’t forget to lock your vehicle!

    Most drivers often forget to do this, but sometimes merely locking the car is enough to deter robbers from taking a chance to steal an inadvertently unlocked car door.

    If your car is an older model and doesn’t have an automatic lock function, make sure to double and triple-check that your door is locked before leaving your car unattended. Even if your car has an automatic lock function, always ensure that you’ve clicked “lock” before walking away from your vehicle.

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