Benefits of Installing a Smart Lock for Your Home

If you still use your normal, old-fashioned locks to secure your home, and are thinking of doing some upgrades for you and your family’s security and peace of mind, you might want to consider switching to a smart lock system to do just that. Read on to find out the benefits of installing a smart lock for your home in Oakland, CA.

  1. Guarantees your peace of mind

    You can’t really put a price on your own peace of mind. Most homeowners consider this the most important thing when choosing which neighbourhood to settle in, so why not do the same for your own house locks? Converting to smart locks burglar-proofs your house and guarantees you prolonged, worry-free hours away from home when you’re out of the town or country.

  2. You’ll be making a long-term investment that’s worth the price

    It’s undeniable that converting to smart locks will require a lot more than your usual trip to the bank by making a heftier withdrawal, but considering that security is the issue here, it’s actually worth it. Smart locks usually come with warranties and free troubleshooting services for years on end, so even if you think you’ll be paying for a steep price now, consider it a cost-effective, long-term investment for your future.

  3. Control who goes in and out of your house from your smartphone

    Smart lock features for homes are now compatible with most smartphones that are out in the market. The good news is developers have scrambled to make apps that work perfectly well with smart locks for homes. Homeowners like you can now be perfectly in control of the lock systems in their homes while away from home, monitor activity within your home and limit the accessibility of your home to potential visitors, neighbours and family. This makes it a lot easier for homeowners like yourself to feel at ease while away on vacation even though you haven’t asked any neighbour to check in on your house for you.

  4. Get alerted right away whenever a security breach occurs in your home

    Smart locks, when tampered with or breached, or doors with access codes as part of the smart lock system will set an alarm that will sound around the house alerting the neighbours and at the same time send a notification on your smartphone, notifying you real-time of the breach. This is a deterrent for any potential robber who’s been eyeing a particular house that, unfortunately for them, is equipped with a smart lock system. On your end, it’s a lot easier for you to contact any trusted friend, neighbour or the police to secure your house immediately.

  5. You won’t have to lose your keys, ever again

    Having a smart lock system that employs touchscreen key pads or requires access codes means not having to use keys, ever again. This means never having to leave spare keys under the doormat, accidentally leaving the key inside the house or back at school or office, or worse, misplacing them and ending up having to change all the locks in the house. It also makes it virtually impossible for any potential robber to break in your house without activating some sort of alarm after a few incorrect access code guesses.