How to Increase Car security for Drivers in Oakland, CA?

There are endless ways to increase car security, other than relying on the regular automatic locked doors and windows already in place in the vehicle. This is because the type of security these vehicle doors and windows affords still depends on the vehicle’s brand, make, and model. If a car model is old or a Read More

How to Increase Your Motorhome Security

How to Increase Your Motorhome Security

You’re about to head on out in your new motorhome for the adventure of your life, but before you start out there are a few things that you, as a new motorhome owner, need to be aware of. We are not talking RV maintenance, because we’re sure you already know about all of that. This Read More

What to Know When Considering a Lock Replacement for Your Home

When you think it is necessary to replace the lock for your home, there are a few things that you should take under consideration before you call Multi-Tech Locksmith’s experts. In order to properly replace your front door’s lock and make sure that you get exactly what you need, here are some recommendations that should Read More

Smart Lock

Benefits of Installing a Smart Lock for Your Home

If you still use your normal, old-fashioned locks to secure your home, and are thinking of doing some upgrades for you and your family’s security and peace of mind, you might want to consider switching to a smart lock system to do just that. Read on to find out the benefits of installing a smart Read More

Moving Day Locksmith Services

Why Do You Need A locksmith Service on Moving Day?

Moving day is probably one of the most stressful and emotionally draining days one could experience. This mainly has to do with the fact that moving from a house to another, new place of residence requires you to take care of a lot of different things – and all in once. From the bigger details Read More

Pet Friendly & Safety House

How to Make Sure Your House is Both Secure and Pet Friendly Millions of families around the world have pets in their house. It’s fun to have a new family member – they’re cute, friendly and you are also doing a good deed when you take an animal into your house, which probably would have Read More

Unlock Safe and Repair

Safe Cracking, Repair and Maintenance If in the past safes were used almost solely in institutions and businesses such as banks, money changers, Jewelers, hotels etc. Today safes are to be found in many homes, offices and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Safes supply a place to keep things of special value, these may Read More

How to Open a Safe

How to Open a Safe with a Combination Lock Do you remember back in junior high when you got your first locker to store your books in? Most likely it had a combination lock on it, and you’d have to memorize that combination to be able to open your locker. If you forgot the combination, Read More

Different Types of Car Window Locks

In this modern age of available knowledge, many people will have you believe that the best ways to open your car doors in cases of lockouts or a broken key are the unorthodox ones, i.e., breaking open the car doors. These “Life Hacks” appear elegant when you see them on the computer screen, yet in Read More

Home Security Systems in Oakland

Home security isn’t something to take lightly, joke about, or neglect. Your home is your space, your property, and it houses people that you love. If you don’t ensure that it is well secured, you run the risk of housebreakers robbing you or worse. What’s important is that you’re aware of how significant this is, Read More