How to Increase Your Motorhome Security

You’re about to head on out in your new motorhome for the adventure of your life, but before you start out there are a few things that you, as a new motorhome owner, need to be aware of. We are not talking RV maintenance, because we’re sure you already know about all of that. This time we’re talking about motorhome security.

You may not have given it too much thought but motorhome security is a big thing for various reasons. The first being that many motorhome manufacturers are rather lax when it comes to the locks they use on doors and windows, as well as cabinets, and in fact some manufacturers use the same key for different motorhomes, meaning that you don’t know who else in the camping grounds had the same key as yours and can easily get into your RV and your belongings.

This lack of security is well known among criminals too. In fact, there are a few places that are considered hot spots for motorhome theft which you might not know about. We’ll give you a few tips here on how to keep your motorhome secure, whether you’re travelling or if it’s at home not in use.

Watch Your Belongings

You might be on vacation, but you still have to be pretty vigilant about keeping your valuables safe. Make sure that your valuables are out of sight and if you have to leave the motorhome to take them with you if you can, if not make sure your motorhome really is secure.

Don’t leave things like laptops, phones or wallets lying about, even if you are around. After you’ve been in a campsite a couple of days and are starting to feel at home, you might stop paying attention to all your belongings. But, don’t be too laid-back, make sure you keep your devices out of sight and bring all your gear in at the end of the day. Also, close your blinds for privacy and so passersby can’t see what you have in your motorhome.

If you are carrying your bikes with you on the outside of the RV we suggest using a bike alarm lock that will sound loudly if somebody tampers with your bikes.

You can also set up a security camera, either outside or inside your RV, so you can see what is going on around your RV at all times.

Tip: don’t forget to lock your motorhome before you go to sleep.

Are your locks safe?

The locks that most motorhomes come with are not very secure, that’s why today most motorhome owners are opting to install better and more secure locks on their doors and windows. Windows that haven’t been upgraded with secure locks are the easiest place for intruders to enter your motorhome, so we highly recommend having a window security system installed in addition to a new door lock.  Today you can get some really great RV locks and wireless fobs, which make your life a lot less complicated – and a lot more secure!

Tip: don’t leave your motorhome key with anyone.

Lock Up Your Motorhome

One of the best ways to deter would-be motorhome thieves is to “lock-up” different parts of your motorhome. For example, buy a wheel clamp and when you’re not on the road make sure to lock a wheel with the clamp. You can also buy a steering wheel lock or a brake lock and another way to keep your RV secure is to add a lock to your ball coupler.

Be Alarmed

Installing an alarm system in your motorhome is one of the best ways to scare off potential intruders. And, don’t forget to ask for the sticker that comes with the alarm, just having that on your motorhome will help frighten off criminals.

Take In Your Surroundings

Be alert to your surroundings, take it all in and notice if there is anyone suspicious around. If the place seems dark and unsafe it probably is unsafe, just move on along until you find somewhere that seems safer to set up camp.

Secure your motorhome for your next trip. Don’t let a lack of security ruin your amazing RV experience!