Installing a Master Key System at Home: The Essential Advantages and Disadvantages You Must Know

Burglaries continue to be a problem in certain Oakland neighbourhoods. A recent report revealed Laurel residents’ frustration with the local police’s failure to take stronger action against the criminals preying on their homes.

Sadly, though, the police can only do so much. Homeowners must put real security measures and deterrents into place to protect their property.

One of the most effective options for residents is a master key system. While we tend to associate these with businesses and organizations, master key systems are increasingly popular among domestic consumers.

But what are they? And what benefits and drawbacks do they offer?

Installing a Master Key System at Home: The Essential Advantages and Disadvantages You Must Know

The Master Key System Explained

A master key system is more straightforward than you may imagine.

Essentially, this involves overhauling your home’s current security precautions and relying on just one key to unlock multiple doors. Various types of master keys are available, granting different levels of access.

Homeowners may choose a Grand Master Key (which unlocks all doors in the property) or one that opens specific locks only.

It may seem like a bold move, but switching to a master key system can provide greater peace of mind — especially if you live in an area at risk of burglaries.

The Pros of a Master Key System

Master key systems provide the following advantages:

Streamline your security

Fed up of carrying multiple keys on your keyring all day?

Sick of your kids taking the key for the back door or garage without asking?

Trying to keep track of so many keys can be a real challenge, especially with several people all living under one roof. They may go missing or be misplaced, leaving you unsure whether they’ve fallen into the wrong hands.

Installing a master key system allows you to streamline your home security and keep tighter control over your keys. One or more members of your household can open multiple (or all doors) with just one key, reducing the number in your set.

Installing a Master Key System at Home: The Essential Pros & Cons You Must Know

Create a clearer security plan

Establishing a tight plan for which members of your family can access specific rooms is vital. You may have young children you want to keep out of the pool area or the cellar. You might have an elderly relative who’s at risk of injuring themselves in the cluttered garage.

And you could have concerns about someone leaving the back door unlocked for any opportunistic criminals to wander on in.

With a master key system, you can set-up a clear security plan and restrict access appropriately.

Lock-up in less time

You can shave precious minutes off your day with a master key system.

Why? Because you don’t need to run around the house trying to find one or more keys to lock different doors before you leave.

Just lock up with one key and be on your way. Simple.

The Cons of a Master Key System

What are the disadvantages of a master key system?

A lost master key can be a problem

You have to take great care of your master key. If you lose it and an untrustworthy person finds it, they may have full access to your home.

You can rectify this by fitting your keyring to your belt or zipping it away securely at all times. Never leave it out in the open for longer than it takes to unlock or lock a door.

Want to discuss setting up your own master key system?

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