How to Keep Your Sliding Doors at Their Best?

Sliding doors are a stylish, modern fixture in any home, store, or business. They bring a touch of refreshing sophistication and offer convenient, streamlined functionality.

But they’re also a big investment. Especially if you’ve fitted multiple sets of sliding doors throughout your property. And this means you want to keep them performing at their best for as long as possible.

How can you do this?

  1. Keep Your Tracks Clean

    Sliding doors operate by shifting back and forth across tracks. Even the most high-end doors will become clogged by debris over the years, such as dirt, stones, and hair.

    This can cause the tracks to degrade and affect your sliding doors’ functionality. But keeping your tracks clean and clear is (thankfully) simple. Just grab a flathead screwdriver and scrub any debris or dirt from the tracks as gently as you can.

    This may take a little while the first time, but keep it up and your sliding doors’ movements will be far smoother.

  2. Keep Your Wheels in Good Shape

    Do your sliding doors make odd noises as you open or close them? For example, do you hear a clear bumping or grinding sound?

    If so, one of the doors’ roller wheels may be damaged. You’ll have to replace this to keep your sliding doors performing properly, which is a fairly straightforward job. It’s best to hire an experienced pair of hands to do it if you’ve never tried before, though.

  3. Lubricate Your Sliding Door Wheels

    Lubricating your sliding door wheels from time to time helps them stay at their best. But what type of lubricant is most effective?

    Choose one that’s silicone-based. While petroleum-based lubricants may achieve slightly better results, they tend to attract more dirt too. Silicone-based lubricants, on the other hand, achieve cleaner results.

    Make sure you spray the wheels and tracks evenly, but DON’T wipe the lubricant away. Leave it in place to keep your sliding doors working right.

  4. Invest in Reinforced Glass

    One common security concern homeowners have before investing in sliding doors is how easily prospective intruders can break the glass and gain entry to the property. Most of the doors consist of panes, after all.

    That’s why investing in a reinforced glass is a smart move for anyone worried about security. It makes an effective addition to other safety measures, such as a master key system.

    Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood with low crime rates, reinforced glass can bring greater peace of mind.

  5. Check the Door Lock on a Regular Basis

    Sliding doors may open differently to standard doors, but they’re still based on a basic lock set-up. And, sadly, these are just as partial to difficulties as any other type of door lock over time.

    If your sliding doors’ locks start playing up, you could find your convenience, access, and security compromised. So, take the time to check your locks regularly, particularly on sliding doors you use infrequently.

One way you can test your locks’ strength is to try sliding the door open after locking it. If it moves at all, it’s fair to assume the latch is failing to catch the door as effectively as it should.

A local locksmith will be happy to examine sliding door locks and repair/replace as necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask for expert help if in doubt.

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