Sliding Door Locks

How to Remove Sliding Door Locks

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Sliding doors are found in many busy commercial settings, such as banks and most commonly used in private homes with patios. Sliding doors make it extremely convenient to enter and exit without the use of a traditional key. Traditional sliding doors contain two panel sections to access. One panel section remains locked while the other door gets opened. Sliding glass door fixtures require a set of handles or latches to open and close. The vast majority of sliding glass door frames consist of steel, aluminum or wood. You may run into problems with the locks on the sliding doors from time to time. Sliding doors differ from your ordinary doors in that they can get jammed very easily. Applying force to the damaged door handle levers should never be an option, since you could cause tremendous damage to the lock mechanism and springs inside. Sliding door locks require the assistance of a certified locksmith. It’s essential to contact a professional locksmith with a good reputation to assist with the lock repair or installation process of sliding doors.

Sliding Doors Common Problems

The most common material used in sliding glass doors is PVC plastic. The PVC plastic is used to replace certain parts that are attributed to the sliding doors. Problems with the sliding door locks could stem from the alignment of the latch. If there are any pieces loose or missing, you won’t be able to close the sliding doors all the way. A loose sliding door provides easy access for burglars in residential settings. Burglars are constantly on the lookout for quick portals of entry. A loose set of sliding doors can allow quick entry without the thieves using lock picking tools. As a matter of fact, it is the most common point of entry in certain homes, so make sure you double check the lock mechanism in advance. Another problem with sliding doors is that there could be objects lodged within the rollers, making it virtually impossible to lock properly. Always check to see if there are any rocks or other debris stuck within the sliding doors. You can apply weather stripping on a wet or leaky sliding doors to seal the openings. Weather stripping materials can be found at your local hardware store as well.

Sliding door locks range from a simple lock to a more complex lock structure. These locks can be installed from any height of the door. Sliding glass door locks require the professional assessment of a locksmith company. Locksmith technicians take precise measurements of the sliding glass door and make assumptions based off the measurements. Each set of sliding doors are set to a unique structure, whether it’s commercial or residential. The locksmith will typically install a cam lock to the sliding glass doors. This particular lock mechanism can be repaired if any future problems should arise. You may only need to rekey the lock mechanism instead of having the actual lock replaced altogether. Rekeying the sliding door lock is much more cost efficient as well. Make sure you make a spare copy of the key just in case something malfunctions with the springs inside.

Multi Locksmith Oakland Repairs All Sliding Door Locks

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