Different Types of Car Window Locks

In this modern age of available knowledge, many people will have you believe that the best ways to open your car doors in cases of lockouts or a broken key are the unorthodox ones, i.e., breaking open the car doors. These “Life Hacks” appear elegant when you see them on the computer screen, yet in real life, they can cause serious irreversible damage to your car, and are better avoided all together.

Why are special window locks needed?

What do you do then if your child gets locked inside the car in the summer heat? Or, if you have locked your keys inside the car with your computer and other necessary items? Or, if your toddler in the back seat likes to play with the window handle, and you are afraid for their safety while you are busy driving?

An intelligent and safe way to care for future incidents of car key malfunctions or lockouts is by investing previously in a special car window lock that will ensure a quick solution.

How to choose a suitable window lock?

Yet the question still remains of which window lock is best for you and your car. Each of the many window locks available on the market has its benefits and disadvantages, so special attention should be given to your specific need in order for you to make the best choice.

The models of car window locks on the market today include:

  • Electric window locks – These are available in most modern cars today. They allow you to control whether or not your child could have access to the functions of the window. These types of locks usually come with a mechanism for automatically locking some of the car’s windows or all of them at once. This allows the person in the driver’s seat to be in charge of the windows for the entire car. A feature like this is particularly beneficial for parents and families with small children.

The downside of this mechanism is that children grow up quickly these days, and usually like to have control over buttons and gadgets, and would not appreciate having their window set into place for them.

  • A complete car door lock kit – this rather new innovative device allows the car owner to completely be in charge of all doors, windows and other locks within the car from the inside and the outside. The device takes a quick installation and allows the user to manage every lock in the car by a switch. This is especially great for emergencies in which the conventional methods of securing and releasing the locks on the car are missing. This is a fail proof system yet is not for everyone, since it places an enormous amount of responsibility in the hands of its owner.

Remember, choosing the best system for you can prove to be quite an asset when it comes to safety and peace of mind.