Installing Door Lock

How to Install New Door Locks

Securing your home is like securing your lifetime investment. This makes it a reason why door locks play a significant role in any property as it enhances security and hinders the burglars from getting any valuable belongings. Although most houses have different door locks, it is still important to check from time to time its capacity to function well. Some door locks worn out due to its low quality while some are just improperly installed. However, if you are planning to install a new door lock, you have to consider several options.

Make a Research

Take time to research your options in installing the best door lock. If you have no idea on how to go about it, you can consult a professional locksmith to guide you in evaluating the door lock suited to your home. Most door locks are commercially available and are graded according to the standards set by American National Standards Institute as well as Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. Professional locksmiths know all these grading standards particularly the type of lock having high quality and function. If you wished to have the best quality lock, the higher grade would be appropriate.

Consider the Type of Door You Have

The type of door lock you install should match the kind of door your home has. If your door is very solid, you can choose to have a lock fairly fitted on it. Make sure that the installed door lock should have no alterations. As much as possible, bring the deadbolt out to the hardware store in order to find the best fit. Hardware personnel will help you find the right match or size of the door lock you wished to purchase and they will suggests the perfect lock for your door.

Choose the Type of Lock that Works

Door locks are supposed to enhance security to your household. If you choose a low quality lock, burglars might attack your household easily. Hence, it is important to choose the type of lock that has the best quality and is proven for years. Prices may vary on the type of locks you choose but the quality you get is surely worthwhile. Ask the sales personnel for the best door locks and make a comparison between them. It is a great help to do research first in order to purchase the right door lock for your home and not to waste any of your time, money and even effort.

Know the Process of Installing a New Door Lock

Although door locks should be installed by a professional locksmith, it is great to know the process of doing it. In case you want to do it your own, you can install a door lock by removing the old door knob as well as the screws found on each side. After which, carefully remove the inner part of the door knob by finding the catch and releasing it through a flat-head screwdriver or any sharp instrument. Pull the doorknob out from the door and measure the hole as well as bolt plate through a measuring tape. The measurement serves as your basis in buying a door lock. If ever you have purchased a door lock already, test it first before installing. Once you install the door lock’s bolt plate and new latch, insert half of it having the spindle and slip the rest in place through the screws. Screw the door knob and test its lock once again.

Replace Old Door Locks as Possible

Security is the main reason why we place locks at our doors. However, it is important to replace the old door locks to a new one in order to ensure security especially when no one is around or when everybody is asleep. Burglars attack without notice and they even damage properties. If you do not want to experience these attacks, secure a new door lock at your home and replace those that are worn out already. Sometimes, old door locks provide hassles because it is not functioning properly and you have to make adjustments in order to lock the doors properly. By replacing the old door locks with new ones, your security is assured and less hassles or inconvenience will be experienced.