Locking Your House with Your Mobile

Keeping Your Home Locked with Your Smartphone

Technology has definitely come a long way. Your smartphone is not only useful to speak to friends or surf the internet, it can also serve as a house key! Smart locks work by activating the LED lights on the door handle with your unique ID to confirm. Smart locks are very easy to install and can be controlled by swiping a certain password from inside or outside of your home. Smart locks are absolute lifesavers, especially if you’ve lost your keys somewhere.

It takes the average experienced burglar a few seconds to create a bump key, which is then used to pick your lock. Smart locks work with any Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android phones. What truly sets the smart locks apart from the traditional house keys is that the locks contain encrypted technology. Encrypted technology can only be operated with a unique passcode to enter. Burglars will find it near impossible to gain access without knowing the passcode.

It takes a few seconds for the smart lock to recognize a person’s ID. The smart locks confirm the person’s ID by thoroughly scanning the passcode information. The red dots will then turn green once the identification is confirmed and authorized. You can even adjust the settings on the smart lock to increase the volume on the doorbell ringing sound. An invitation must be send to allow access to friends or family member via the smart lock app, so make sure they download the app. They can also be invited through social media channels like Facebook as well.

Don’t Throw Away Your House Key Just Yet!

Although smart locks make your life as convenient as possible, there are a few drawbacks to take into consideration. The biggest drawback comes from the smartphone itself. Smartphones are notorious for depleting the battery lifespan within a short time period. Since smart locks are empowered by your mobile device, you may run into problems if your battery power is low. You might also face problems if you’re having difficulties with the smartphone itself. You should always carry a backup house key in case of emergency situations.

The remarkable thing about smart locks is that they contain unique identification passcodes. It’s virtually impossible for a burglar to guess your passcode, but make sure you choose a strong passcode in any case. Regular house keys will always serve a purpose. It’s important to make a few spare copies and distribute them to friends and family members to avoid any potential lockout situations. A phone battery dying out should not be the cause of a lockout situation.

Price is another factor to take into consideration when using a smart lock system. Smart lock systems typically cost $200 or so. That’s not exactly chump change! A traditional duplicate house key, on the other hand, costs a mere fraction of the cost. House keys can be duplicated 24/7 by a professional locksmith company, which make things quite convenient as well. Smart lock systems must be installed by professional locksmiths, which could cost you extra for service time.

Choosing Locksmith Oakland for All Duplicate House Key Services

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages from using a smart lock system. Your smartphone doubles up as a digital house key with easy entry access. There are times when you’ll need a house key to unlock your apartment doors. Locksmith Oakland stays up-to-date on the latest technological advancements and smartphone applications. Locksmith Oakland works 24 hours a day to duplicate any set of house keys on the spot. We highly suggest making at least one spare copy to hand out to relatives or friends.

Locksmith Oakland has an outstanding team of highly skilled technicians that are at your service 24/7 for all emergency lockout situations. You won’t have to worry about your phone battery running low to open your door. It takes a few minutes to leave your details and information with our friendly customer care department. Once your enquiry is processed, a nearby field technician will already be on the way! Don’t let the phone battery determine whether or not you go home, call us today!