Best Locks on the Market

Locks have a long history of securing homes and maintaining privacy. Through constant innovation and advanced technology, these locks have turned into a more complex and sophisticated tool. Different locks on the market can be purchased for residential or commercial use and despite the variations; most locks are made of strong metals like brass, die-cast zinc, steel, chrome, nickel and other durable alloy. Manufacturers make locks depending on its grade, whether low-security or high-security. When we say it is a low-security lock, cheaper materials are used and parts are mass-produced. When it is a high-security lock, expensive materials are used to increase resistance. This kind of lock comes in different designs and characteristics in order to resist manipulation and any forced entry.

Top lock brands in the market:

Schlage – A popular brand for commercial and consumer locks in United States. Schlage locks are made of durable and high quality materials with excellent performance and variety of features, functions or styles. Extraordinary engineering and craftsmanship are used to produce durable and strong locks. May it be mechanical or electronic locks; Schlage uses the most advanced technology in order to meet the highest standards of the industry.

Kwikset – Protecting your home is not difficult with Kwikset locks. This brand has a lot to offer especially that variety of styles and security grades are available to use. In choosing a Kwikset, you have to know your needs first. Once you identified your needs, it will be easier to choose the right Kwikset locks for your doors. The quality of the materials is superior that is why you are assured that security is optimal.

Kwikset Smart Key – This kind of lock can be re-keyed at any time without the need to remove it from your door. Re-keying happens when you lost your keys accidentally or you have recently moved out from your old house. Because of its convenience, you can easily maintain the highest level of security in your residential house.

Mul-T-Lock –Mul-T-Lock has a long history of providing high quality locks to residential and commercial needs. You can have variety of options of locks with different styles, functions and sizes. As long as it meets your needs, you do not have to worry on the quality you get because Mul-T-Lock has received several international quality standards over the past years.

Arrow – When it comes to security hardware, Arrow provides great quality and value. The unparalleled Arrow locks are designed to meet the set standards and needs of individuals who will be using it. Arrow provides optimum security without compromising the budget.

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