How Locks work

Various Types of Commercial & Residential Locks

There are many door lock variations that all serve the same purpose. That purpose is to keep you safe, whether it’s at home or at the office. Each door lock opens with a certain type of key, which turns the cylinder inside the lock. Once the key is inside the lock, it automatically turns the springs to open the door. There are several main lock mechanisms that are used both commercially and residentially. The most common lock is the deadbolt. Deadbolt locks can only be moved by rotating the lock cylinder, which differentiates from other lock mechanisms that rely on springs to unlock. There are single and double cylinder deadbolts. Single deadbolt locks will accept a key from one side but require a twist of the knob from the other end. Double cylinder locks, on the other hand, accept the key from both ends. Deadbolts are more commonly used in residential apartment complexes. The lock mechanism can be rekeyed in case you lost your house key someplace. It’s ideal to rekey the lock structure instead of replacing the lock altogether.

Lever handle locks

Lever handle locks are most commonly found inside commercial environments. They are ideal for the inner surroundings of the workplace. Lever handles differentiate from knob and deadbolt locks in that they are much easier to access. Lever handles are pushed down and turned as opposed to turning the key entirely inside a deadbolt lock. These locks make it easier for employees to move around a fast pace work environment without using a traditional set of keys. Lever handles can be operated by an access control system, which can recognize an employee’s ID in various forms. Cam locks are found in file cabinets, which are used to secure valuable information and documents. Cams are available in different lengths and are screwed to the back of the lock itself. File cabinet locks can store many documents and other valuables, so they must be fully secure with a high security file cabinet lock. Only trusted employes should have access to these locks, since they contain sensitive information inside.

Mortise locks are attributed with commercial and residential door locks. They can be seen on glass entry doors and operate on a basic key structure. Mortise locks are also found on older apartment buildings as well. Mortise locks are screwed into the middle of the door by using specialized mortise hardware. The main parts include the lock body and a locking bolt at the bottom of the lock. You’ll need a key to open the mortise lock, but they do offer excellent security overall. Keyless entry is exactly as the name states, a digital lock that operates on the touch of a button. The main advantage of having a remote keyless entry system is that your hands can be free, which makes it much more convenient to access. Digital keypads can be accessed by touching a unique password combination with the digits. They are most commonly used in upscale commercial settings. They can also be operated through an access control panel. Keyless door locks utilize frequency transmissions to unlock, very similar to a transponder key. The password code can be accessed manually or through the simple touch of a button.

Locksmith Oakland’s Leading Lock Company

As you can see, there are many variations to the lock mechanism. Vehicle door locks are operated by a chip key, which can reach distances of over 20 feet or more. These same radio frequency transmissions are used in digital keypads to unlock residential and commercial locks. Locksmith Oakland specializes in residential, commercial and vehicle door locks. We can rekey any lock structure without a problem as well. Rekeying is essential in the case of a lost key scenario. You can never take any chances with your safety, so it’s always best to change the tumbler mechanism inside the lock itself. We offer a complete list of lockout solutions with a 24/7 availability rate. Locksmith Oakland covers the entire Oakland community and its surroundings. We have a fantastic team of highly qualified locksmith experts that have years of experience in the business. We are fully dedicated to bringing you the best in all aspects of the locksmith trade. We offer excellent prices and perform under the highest safety standards. Get in touch with us today for a full analysis and free estimation by phone.