Garage Door Locks Installation in Oakland

In the quite recent past, it was enough to have a garage door to thwart any ill-conceived thoughts and schemes of thieves, burglars, and other miscreants. Unfortunately, progress does not always bring about solely good things. With time, such less than noble individuals have found increasingly effective ways and means to easily overcome garage doors and illegally take hold of the vehicle ensconced within. This usually results in both a damaged garage door and a missing vehicle. Fortunately though, modern technology offers a variety of means to once again take the lead.

Installing a garage door lock

One of the easiest yet most effective means to deter burglars is to install a high security lock on your garage door. More often than not, a burglar that will spot a high security lock installed on a garage door will simply move on to the next, less protected, garage door.

Oakland Locksmith – with security comes serenity

Having elucidated the importance of installing a garage door lock one should still be choosy about one’s service provider of choice. When choosing a service provider to install your new garage door lock in the greater Oakland area, bear in mind these few important advantages offered by leading service providers, such as Oakland Locksmith:

  • Availability: people usually ask for locks on their garage doors after the neighborhood suffers a couple of break-ins. When fear is on the rise patience usually takes a back seat. This is not the time to get an ‘our lines are busy, please try again later’ message. This is precisely the reason our call center is always staffed and available. 24/7 availability means that whenever the need arises, the solution is just a phone call away.
  • Quick response times: having your call answered quickly but then enduring a few days wait also will simply not cut it. Maintaining several locksmith teams on-call enables us to commit to a 30 minute ETA anywhere in Oakland. This means you will get the professional solution you need exactly when you need and want it.
  • A strong bond with the community: we have all been born and raised in Oakland. This is the main reason for the existence of that special bond with the local community. This is also why it is important for us to give back any chance we get.

Professional locksmith solutions

Besides installing state-of-the-art locks on you garage door our certified and competent locksmiths will gladly provide you with residential, commercial, and auto locksmith solutions, including:

  • Key duplication
  • Transponder key reprograming
  • Security systems installation and maintenance
  • Lock picking
  • Lock rekeying
  • Broken key extraction

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