Emergency Mobile Locksmith Services

Are you the victim of car lockout? Did you lose your car keys? Did you break a key in the ignition? Or is your key locked inside the car, just out of your reach?

Lockout happens to everyone! It doesn’t matter whether it’s night or day, right before your big meeting at work or late at night when you just want to get home- lock and key troubles will strike with a vengeance at any time and leave you stranded and in need of help.

Here at Locksmith Oakland, we understand the devastating results that car lockout can have on your schedule, your pocketbook, and your pride. This is why our professional team of mobile locksmith technicians is on call and ready to roll at any moment, 24 hours a day!

Mobile Services

What kind of emergency mobile services do we offer to key holders in the Oakland area? We’re here to help with any and every kind of problem that may come your way.

Our professional technicians are trained to assist with car unlocks of all kinds. Though there are many lockout situations that our customers attempt to undo on their own, we take care to advise all clients to call for professional help rather than harm your vehicle in any way. Our technicians travel with all the tools, equipment, and software they will need to assist in these situations:

  • Lost Car Key: A lost car key is perhaps the most common of all forms of car lockout. Lost car keys require that the car be unlocked and also that the keys be replaced. Our technicians provide on the spot car key duplication for the fastest car lockout resolution around!
  • Broken Car or Ignition Key: Broken car keys can be a serious problem, as they require careful extraction from the ignition or lock that they are lodged in. Our technicians have experience with carefully extracting the broken pieces and then duplicating and replacing the key on the spot.
  • Transponder Key Programming: Transponder keys provide a particularly special kind of car lockout, as they can immobilize your vehicle. With both computer programming and mechanical key cutting involved, it’s best to get a professional who can do the job right!

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of great locksmiths out there, but we believe we are responsible to do our best to provide the very best service at all times! Not only are our professional locksmiths available 24/7, but they’ll respond quickly and work with great efficiency.

Being a mobile locksmith, we bring all the tools we need with us, and we can provide every service with on the spot excellence. Our technicians are highly trained and very experienced working in the field. With Locksmith Oakland, there’s no waiting around: we’re here for you at the moment you need us.