Access Control Systems in Oakland

Access control systems allow you to control who comes into your premises, when they come in, and where.  These systems give users a way to allow authorized personnel (and that can be employees or family members) into certain areas while at the same time restricting access to others. Controlling your front and back door is crucial. However, with access control systems you are able to control every entry onto your property.

Access Control actually refers to the process of controlling the entrance to your property. That includes your home, a particular room in your home, a cupboard or chest in a room…you name it. It refers to controlling access to anything you don’t want others having access to.  Controlling access can be done by hiring guards, or more conveniently (and more cost effectively) through mechanism such as locks and keys. Some of these can be quite technologically advanced and complicated.

In some cases, access control systems use computers as a means of control. In such cases, there are several different things used in place of mechanical keys. These things are called credentials. For instance, in some systems, a handprint can be used as the “credential” that unlocks the highly advanced lock.

How does it all work?

Not all access control systems are the same. However, in general, the user will present the control system with some type of “credential” (either a mechanical or electronic key of some type). This is normally a number presented to a control panel. The panel then compares the user’s number to a list stored in the access control’s memory. When there is a match, the control panel unlocks the door. If it does not match, the door remains locked. In some cases, if the number does not match that stored in the access control panel, an alarm will sound.

Why Choose Locksmith Oakland?

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