Expert Safe Service

Expert Safe Repair & Unlocking Services

Safes are ideal places to keep important documents, jewelry and money. Homeowners should invest in a good quality wall or floor safe to keep valuables well protected at all times. Safe locks can get jammed, making them virtually impossible to open without causing damage to the safe itself. Multi-Tech Locksmith Oakland can unlock and repair any type of home safe you have. The technicians we work with are spread throughout Oakland & remain on call 24/7.

They can successfully unlock any gun safe, if the lock combination is not opening properly. They also handle all electronic digital safes, so you don’t have to purchase a new one. Our responsibility is to keep you safe, and it all begins by picking up the phone and reaching out to the experts at Multi-Tech Locksmith. You’ve certainly made the right decision!

Safe Installation

In addition to unlocking and repairing safes, the security experts we work with can install them as well. These professional contractors will take the requirements measures and specs before installing a wall or floor safe. Floor safes are bolted down, but specialized equipment is used to safely repair them. This means that no damaged is caused to your flooring or tiles.

A professional locksmith can have the particular safe key duplicated if you’ve lost the key to the safe. They’ll carve out the precise details by using specialized cutting machinery tools. Multi-Tech Locksmith Oakland offers a wide range of residential locksmith services including: unlock safes & repair, installing high security locks, state-of-the-art surveillance system technology, home alarm system installation & repair, high security Medeco locks, on-the-spot key cutting & key duplication and 24/7 emergency lockout solutions.

Count on Multi-Tech Locksmith Oakland for Proven Results

Safes are prone to damage as time goes by. The older version safes accumulate rust, making the knob locks very difficult to turn. The techs we work with use an exceptional unlock and repair technique to get the safe doors opened. Digital safes are easier to access, and we highly recommend upgrading older model safes right away. We also offer top notch commercial locksmith services for larger safes or drop safes. Contact us today for more information, and to schedule an appointment with one of the trusted experts.