A Locksmith Day

It’s not a glamorous life, we’ll admit, but being a locksmith means 24 hours a day that we’re providing service to the Oakland area, and we’re happy with that! Each and every day is made up of a wide array of possible services that we might be called upon to provide. Appointments to rekey the house, emergency calls to reprogram transponder keys, extracting keys from car ignitions, installing security systems: these all can happen on any given day. For this reason, our main priority is to make sure that all of our locksmiths are highly trained and equipped at all times with the tools, software, and parts necessary to answer any call for help. So even though we can’t really tell you what we accomplish on any given day, here are a few of the most common events that occur.

Assisting Business Owners

You can bet that at least once a week we get a call to help with commercial security. Many businesses rely on our locksmiths to get the doors open when a key is missing or install and help maintain high-grade security systems to protect their property and valuables. Our locksmiths are equipped with the training to troubleshoot a security system and figure out whether a problem lies in the software or in the mechanics. We understand how to customize security to fit the specific needs of a business, and we often spend time with businesses to organize a plan to really provide the best security coverage and controlled access. And of course, we implement these plans and install master key and security systems ourselves.

Residential Appointments

We have regular appointments with homeowners in need of high-quality locks to replace old ones and home rekeying. These services are simple enough for our highly trained technicians. With the right tools we can quickly remove and replace old and faulty hardware, or our technicians can take apart your locks and easily re-sequence the pins in your locks and get new keys cut. We install locks on cabinets, sheds, and windows. One of our most popular services is gate works. Many homes have a gated drive, so in the event that these locks fail, it’s important to get things sorted out. Our technicians are familiar with these locks and can fix them quickly.

Responding to Car Lockout

Perhaps the ultimate service of any locksmith is the emergency response call to a car lockout situation. You’d be surprised how many of these we might get in one day. Car keys are so small and yet so important that one broken or lost key can stop a busy day in its tracks. Our technicians at Locksmith Oakland will respond to the emergency call for car lockout assistance within 30 minutes no matter what time you call, night or day. Our car lockout solutions are all quick and effective. Additionally, we can replace or duplicate any key ON THE SPOT. We have the equipment necessary to cut any key right there, whether it’s a mechanically cut key, a laser cut key, or even a transponder key (which we can also reprogram for you).

A day of Service

No matter what we might do for you and our neighbors in the Oakland area, you can be certain the day of a locksmith is full of service- 24 hour, honest pricing, and professional locksmith service. Now, that’s a good day!